The Clarion Programmer Affordable Custom Web Database Apps PC SOLUTIONS SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT INC
The Clarion Programmer Affordable Custom Web Database Apps PC SOLUTIONS SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT INC

Our process

You the client contact us to inquire or ask about an idea.   We are happy to discuss the idea.   If your idea is within a scope that we can put into a development project we will offer you a quotation for the time and work to be done.


Upon receipt of a deposit will be begin to gather the lists of the types of data you want to collect and how you visualize the flow of the application.  


As we begin the programming we will have you run the appliation to see how it runs in your environment.   We will receieve payment in full upon completion.


We will help you deploy your applications on the computers of your choice because it is your software.




Our hourly development rate is $125.00  

Projects can be quoted in hours or as a flat completion price


After a project is deployed we can offer support at the same rate billed in 15 minute increments.




PO BOX 835


Phone: 860-974-1156