The Clarion Programmer Affordable Custom Web Database Apps PC SOLUTIONS SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT INC
The Clarion Programmer Affordable Custom Web Database Apps PC SOLUTIONS SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT INC

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We can take your idea or business need and turn it into a quick simple solution.

Do your sale reps need to log their expenses in realtime, or a your group needs to have a membership listing online.  Do you have to collect patient information for your facility?  These are not just web pages,  they are live interactive data bases online!


"Off the shelf" programs typically won't meet your specific needs.  A simple database program will allow you to enter and recall data that is important to you. 


Take a look at our demos here and perhaps a need you have will become a secure software program online or in your computer.   



Web based Apps - supports Mobile Phones,

Tablets and Desktops

  • Browser based apps for Android, Apple, Linux, MacOS or Windows
  • Multi-user  access - realtime data update.


Windows based Applications

  1. 32 bit Windows program will store your data on an individual computer or on a local area network server
  2. Our IP Windows program will store data on a "cloud" server such as Amazon AWS EC2 VM server etc
  3. And we can create a hybrid system that uses both Windows clients for inhouse use and Web browser clients that all share the same data!






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