The Clarion Programmer Affordable Custom Web Database Apps PC SOLUTIONS SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT INC
The Clarion Programmer Affordable Custom Web Database Apps PC SOLUTIONS SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT INC

Demo applications for you to try - live on the web

Contact List

This demo allows the entry of basic contact information, perhaps to be used by an organization.  You can change the background theme which will change fonts, colors etc.

Try it on your cell phone or tablet.

Billing system

Demo of our flagship application DMEFreePlusWeb.

This program demonstrates the full features of a multifile relational database.


To Login use:  

login is DEMO

password is DEMO



Browse Products

Product listing with Images.  This type of demo shows how easy it is to have your own product listing with images. This type of app would be usefull for your reps or the public.

Religious database

Here's an example of  a database created for a religious organization.  The user is prompted for a login and password so only members of the organization can access the data.


To Login use:

login is DEMO

password is DEMO




Try our Web apps on Mobile , Tablets or Desktop Computers

Here is a downloadable demo of our Windows Client Server example...

To Login use: login is DEMO the password is DEMO

This demo will install onto your computer,  it will connect with the online server to show you it's a windows program with internet data ability.